Septs of the Clans: N

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

[Long Marble Green Line]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
        Nairn                         Mackintosh
        Nairn                         MacIntosh
        Nairne                        MacIntosh
        Napier                        Scott
        Napier                        MacFarlane
        Napier                        Napier
        Neal                          MacNeil
        Neale                         MacNeil
        Neaves                        Murray
        Neil                          MacNeil
        Neill                         MacNeil
        Neilson                       Stuart
        Neilson                       MacNeil
        Neilson                       MacKay
        Neilson                       Gunn
        Neish                         MacGregor
        Neish                         MacGregor
        Nelson                        MacNeil
        Nelson                        Gunn
        Nelson                        MacKay
        Nesbit                        Home
        Nesbitt                       Home
        Nevin                         MacNaughton
        Nevison                       MacNaughton
        Nevison                       MacIntosh
        Nice                          MacGregor
        Nicholl                       MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Nicholl                       Nicholson
        Nicholson                     MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Nicholson                     Nicolson
        Nicol                         MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Nicol                         Nicolson
        Nicoll                        MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Nicoll                        Nicolson
        Nicolson                      MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Nicolson                      Nicolson
        Niel                          MacNeil
        Nielson                       MacNeil
        Nisbet                        Home
        Nish                          MacGregor
        Niven                         Mackintosh
        Niven                         MacNaughton
        Niven                         Cumin
        Niven                         Cumming
        Niven                         MacIntosh
        Nivison                       MacNaughton
        Nixon                         Armstrong
        Noble                         Mackintosh
        Noble                         MacIntosh
        Noble                         Chattan (MacIntosh Group)
        Norie                         MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Norie                         MacDonald
        Norman                        Sutherland
        Norman                        MacLeod (of Harris)
        Normand                       MacLeod (of Harris)
        Norrie                        MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Norton                        Douglas
        Nucator                       MacGregor
[New Scotland (Nova Scotia) -=- Where the Heart is Still Highland!]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
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