Clansfolk of Clan Bannerman

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John and Simon Bannerman, sons of Donald Bannerman and Barbara MacGregor of the Parish of Loth in Sutherland, Scotland.

Simon and his wife, Margaret Sutherland, emigrated to Nova Scotia and settled in the Barney's River area of Pictou County about 1822. They are thought to be from Kintradwell, in Loth. Their children, Donald and Margaret, were born in Scotland.

John Bannerman also of Kintradwell, brother of Simon, married Jane Fraser, daughter of Robert F. and Elizabeth MacKay of Borobel, in the parish of Kildonan, Sutherland. They came to Pictou, Nova Scotia on the (ship) Lady Gray, exiting from Cromarty and Thurso in Caithness and arriving in Pictou on 16 July 1841. Their children came with them: Donald, Elizabeth, Jane, Simon, Robert, and Isabella.

William Bannerman, a native of Sutherland, Scotland, died in Pictou County in March, 1837, in his 75th year. [Obituary: "The Bee", 29 March 1837]

Margaret Robertson, wife of Robert Bannerman, died at Kenzieville, Barney's River, Pictou County, in 1880, aged 40 years. She left a husband and seven children. ["Plain Dealer"]

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Hon. John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada (1957-1963), descends from John Bannerman, son of George Bannerman and Christian Bannerman who emigrated from the parish of Kildonan, Sutherland, to the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. In 1815, they moved to Holland Landing in Ontario, and settled in W. Gwillimbury, Simcoe County. George Bannerman was the son of Alexander Bannerman in Ulbster. George and Christian Bannerman had children: Hugh, Alexander, John, Adam, David, Isabella, Christina and Mary.

In 1968, Hon. John Diefenbaker unveiled a plaque on the wall of the church at Kildonan, in memory of his ancestors, the Bannermans of Kildonan.

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