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The district of Buchan in Aberdeenshire gave rise to the surname of Buchan. It is still most commonly found in the north-east area of Scotland, in or near Aberdeenshire.

The first bearers of the name `Buchan' on record (1281) were:
{*} Ricardus de Buchan, clerk of the bishopric of Aberdeen;
{*} William de Buchan, a local landowner.

Sometime in the 1600s, relatives and dependents of the Erskine Earls of Buchan assumed the surname `Buchan'; hence fulfilling one of the requirements that Clan Buchan is a sept of Clan Erskine. These Erskine kinsmen included:
{*} Thomas Buchan, a Jacobite General;
{*} Peter Buchan, famous collector of Scottish ballads.

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