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Objects of the Clan Campbell Society - Nova Scotia

The Objects of The Clan Campbell Society -- Nova Scotia are:
(a)  To form, develop, maintain and perpetuate a Clan Campbell Society 
     in Nova Scotia and to pursue cultural, literary, historical, 
     recreational and educational purposes as follows:

     (i)  collect, collate and distribute to members books, pamphlets, 
          bulletins and other material published by the Society or 
          others, related to the Clan Campbell for the promotion of 
          Scottish culture;

    (ii)  collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical 
          records, documents and relics relating to the Clan Campbell;

   (iii)  encourage visits by members of the Society to their ancestral 
          home in Inveraray, Scotland;

    (iv)  establish scholarships, fellowships, awards, prizes and other 
          methods of assistance at Canadian University and colleges for 
          deserving students;

     (v)  promote the history of the Clan in Nova Scotia and develop a 
          Society free from the influence of religious intolerances,  
          ethnic origin, political discussions and material affluence; 
          foster the ancestral relationahip between Scotland and Nova 
          Scotia, and promote Clan sentiment among its members - 
         "Ne Obliviscaris";

    (vi)  promote such literary, historical and educational activities 
          as the Directors may determine;

   (vii)  encourage the youth of the members to become more actively 
          engaged in the study of the Clan in Scotland and the people 
          from Scotland whose work and achievements have become 
          lasting monuments to our role and Clan;

  (viii)  encourage, organize and present at local area and provincial 
          levels, ceilidhs, gatherings and banquets for the furtherance 
          of the ties of clanship;

    (ix)  foster kinship and clanship -- throughout Nova Scotia and 

(Extract from Memorandum of Association, incorporated April 10, 1980)  

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