Clan Campbell

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8 February 1996

Shirley Campbell called early this morning.
We are now living in a world without John R. Campbell,
and it won't be so much fun anymore.
Or as meaningful.

John R. did much for Federation of Scottish Clans as President;
he did much for Clan Campbell Society -- Nova Scotia as President;
he did much for each and all of us as kindly friend.
A bit more than a tad of a practical rascal, BUT
that was part of enjoying having John R. among us. Most times. :-)
John was a true person, down to earth, and
loyal to the Scottish community within Nova Scotia and beyond.
He enjoyed people, understood them and thrived among them.
He was a Prince Among Men, a Pillar Among Scots.

[Blk Diamond] To Tribute to John R. Campbell [Blk Diamond]

It was a heart attack about supper time on Friday evening, February 7th, that nudged John R. Campbell along to his next life.

The memorial service was held at St. Agnes Catholic Church, Mumford Road at Chebucto Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Tuesday morning, February 11th, at 10:00 am.

Condolences may be relayed to John R. Campbell's wife and family
by e-mail to their good friend,
[Shirley Campbell]

[Blk Diamond] To Tribute to John R. Campbell [Blk Diamond]

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