Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd.

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The Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd. is a charitable non-profit
organization of Scottish descendents and Septs of Family/Clan Douglas. 

Purpose of Clan Douglas Society

* foster and promote understanding and good fellowship among the descendants 
  of Scotsmen,  
* study and learn about about their heritage from Scotland,
* promote and increase their friendships with those of similar minds
  now residing in Scotland

Membership in Clan Douglas Society

Membership in Clan Douglas Society of North America is composed of men 
and women who are direct lineal descendants of a Scotsman/Scotswoman 
bearing the surname Douglas, or who can trace his/her ancestry to one
of Scottish ancestry of the Douglas Clan or one of its Septs.  

Several classes of membership are offered:

* Active

* Affiliate 
  - primarily for Scots who are not designated as being sept of another clan

* Junior
  - those below 18.  Junior members are usually registered by their 
    parents who wish to indoctrinate them early into Scottish activities.  
    They have no vote until age 18.

* There is also a class of affiliates with no known Scottish heritage.
  These members do not have a vote.

Clan Douglas Executive Structure

The Clan Douglas has Regents and Sept Commissioners living in a number
of USA states and Canadian provinces.  The Canadian Regent of Clan 
Douglas is in Nova Scotia, and can be contacted at 
Canadian Regent

Annual Meeting

	The Annual Meeting of the Clan Douglas Society of North America 
Ltd., is held on the second full weekend of July in Linville, North 
Carolina during the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering of 
Scottish Clans.  A picnic or dinner for Clan Douglas members is usually 
held that weekend.

From the Official brochure: Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd., with kind permission of Peter Douglass, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who serves as Canadian Regent for the Clan Douglass Society of North America.

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