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From the papers of Dr. Murdoch D. Morrison:

On Friday evening, January 3, 1991, Mother, Mabel and myself went to the Majestic Theatre to hear the world-renowned Harry Lauder. The tickets were two dollars each, and our expectations were correspondingly high. So were those of the immense audience, composed as it was of the elite of the city. The Governor's box was resplendent in the gold lace of the military and naval guests of that dignitary, while the attire of the ladies in all parts of the building was very pleasing to the eye.

At 8:15 the orchestra tuned up and discoursed sweet Scotch music for half an hour. Then the curtain went up, and for the next hour we were entertained by aerobatic performances, fancy dances, tableau and theatrical stunts of various kinds.

But Harry Lauder, oh where, oh where was he? Not until 9:30 did the famous comedian appear; and then, to our great disappointment and chagrin, he remained with us, in his proper role, for only about thirty minutes, appearing in four acts. He was certainly very amusing and very clever, and easily was his way into the hearts of the people. But they could hardly realize the situation when he bowed himself off the stage, after singing "I love a lassie." And then, to make matters exasperatring, he had the audacity to come forward and ask for bids on a book he had written on the War. Harry Lauder, undoubtedly, has great talent, but not the least are those for making money.

The following day I heard him speak at a luncheon given by the Rotary Club at which he was the chief guest. Accompanied by the Governor, he arrived in state, preceeded by his six stalwart pipers in full Highland costume. His remarks on the occasion were very appropriate, and were immensely enjoyed and plenteously applauded.

Public Archives of Nova Scotia: MG1, Vol. 706, No. 16

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