John MacCulloch, Provost of Tain

Coat of Arms of Clansfolk of Clan McCulloch
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The lands of Kindeace in Nigg Parish and Glastulich in Logie Easter, Rosshire passed in the 17th century to two MacCulloch families descended from the sons of John MacCulloch, Provost of Tain and merchant burgess there, who obtained Wester Kindeis from Andrew Munro of Culnald in 1621.

From a birthbrief setting forth "the honourable descent" of a great-grandson, this John is said to have been a son of Andrew McCulloch in Tain, by Elizabeth Ross of Tarrell, grandson of William, and probably the great- grandson of Robert, the last MacCulloch of Plaids.

Two of John's sons were, like himself, Provosts of Tain, and also commissioners for the burgh to the Scottish Parliament. Thomas, the elder, carried on the Kindeace line through his sons James (first husband of Christian Munro of Obsdale, sister of Sir Robert of Foulis, 3rd Bart.) and David, served heir to his brother in 1652 in Kindeis Wester. The youngert son of John MacCulloch became the first of Glastulich and also had other lands in Easter Ross. He was twice married, the eldest son John being Minister of Ardersier, "outed" 1662 and returned 1690, and died in Edinburgh in 1705. The Glastulich line was continued by the eldest son of the second marriage, Hugh whose eldest son David was served heir in 1704, and was father among others of Roderick MacCulloch, captain in Cromartie's regiment in 1745-46.

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