Farewell Speech on the Scaffold

Coat of Arms of Clansfolk of Clan McCulloch
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I am brought here good people to give satisfaction to Justice for the Slaughter of William Gordon designed of Cardines: and therefore I am obliged as a Dying Man, to give a faithfull and true account of that matter. I do declare in the Sight of God, I had no design against his Life, nor did I expect to see him when I came where the Accident happened; I came there cntrair to my inclination, being pressed by these two persons, who were the Principal Witnesses against me, (they declaring he was not out of Bed) that I might reieve their Goods he had poinded. I do freely forgive them, and I pray heartily God may forgive them, for bringing me to that place.

When I was in England, I was oft times urged by several persons, who declared they had Commission from Castle-Stewart and his Lady (now the Pursuers of my Blood) that i might give up the papers of these lands of Cardines, whereupon they promised not only a piece of Money, but also to concurr for procuring me a Remission; Ihave been several times since in the Countrie, where the misfortune happened, and where they lived, but never troubled by any of them; Although now after they have got themselves secured in these Lands without me, they have been very active in the Pursute, untill they have at last got me brought to this place.

I do acknowledge my Sentence is Just, and does not Repine; for albeit it was only a single wound in the Legg, by a shot of small hail, which was neither intended, nor could have been foreseen to be deadly; Yet I do believe, that God in his justice hath suffered me to fall in that miserable Accident, for which I am now to suffer, because of my many other Great and Grievious unrepented for sins: I do heartily forgive my Judges, Accusers, Witnesses and all others who have now, nor at any time injured me, as I wish to be forgiven.

I recommend my Wife, and poor children to the Protection of the Almighty God, who doth take care of, and provides for the Widow and Fatherless; and Prayes, That God may Stirr them up and enable their friends and mine, to be Careful of them.

I have been branded as being a Roman Catholick, which I altogether disown, and Declare, as the words of a Dying Man, who am instantly to make my appearance before the great Tribunal o fthe great God, That I die in the True Catholick Reformed Protestant Religion, Renouncing all Righteousness of my own, or any others; Relying only upon the merits of Christ Jesus, through whose Blood, I hope to be saved,and whom I trust will not only be my Judge. But also, Advocate with the father for my Redemption.

Now, Dear Spectators, as my Last Request, Again and Again, I eanestly desire and begg, the assistance of Your Fervent Prayers, that, although I stand here condemned by Man, I may be absolved before the Tribunal of the Great God, that in the place of this scaffold I may enjoy a Throne of Glory; that this violent death may bring me to a Life of Glorious Rest, Eternal in the Heavens: and that in the place of all these Spectators, I may be accompanyed with an innumerable Company of Saints and Angels singing, Hallelujah to the Great King to all Eternity.

Now, O Lord, Remember me with that love thou bearest to Thy Own, O visite me with Thy Salvation, that I may see the Good of Thy Chosen Ones, and May Glory in Thine Inheritance. Lord Jesus Purge me from all my Sins, and from this of Blood Guiltiness, Wash me in Thy Own Blood. Great are my Iniquities, But Greater are the mercies of God! O Let me be amongst the number of those for whom Christ dyed; Be Thou my Advocat with the Father, Into Thy Hands do I recommend my Spirit: Come Lord Jesus, Come and Receive my Soul, Amen.

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