Farewell Letter to Wife and Children

Coat of Arms of Clansfolk of Clan McCulloch
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My dear Heart and most loving children. It hath been no small matter of grief to me that I know ye could not come and see me at this time, when I had the greatest desyre and greatest need of your help, but however since it is the will of God we cannot meet together now I pray that our meeting together after this lyfe may be with eternall joy and comfort and not with everlasting shame and confusion. I judged it my duty to take this last leave and farewell before I goe out of this world and desyre you will keep this as the last token of the affection and surest pledge of my love... of a dying husband ye will seriously reflect upon the wonderful ways of God in his dealing with me, and after I am gone have not harsh thoughts of him who does all things wisely and well and who, I hope, shall turn everything for my good, and even that which flesh and blood seems most naturally to be most averse to and abhorr. It seems God hath a contraversie with me and my family for our great sins which are now the cause which occasion and hasten my untimely end, but I hope he hath a designe of love and mercie to my soul, and in his holy providence hath thought it best for me to die publickly on a scaffold that I may thereby be the more induced to a serious sight of and deep repentance for my manifold sins, and obtain God's mercie for Christ sake, and also be a warning to other that they fall not in my snares.

And now my dear Heart and my dear children, I leave this counsell and advice to you in the words of a dying husband and parent that ye will seriously learn in tyme from my sad fall seriously to amend and repent your ways and turn to God with all your hearts, and although you cannot any more pray for me, yet I charge and obtest you as ever you expect to see the face of God in mercie ye will turn to him with all your hrarts, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God without repentance and mercie, and if ever you expect his mercie delay not your repentance, mourn bitterly all the days of your lives, and pray that the sins of my family may be expiate, attonement may be made not by the shedding of my blood, but for the sake and attonement of Jesus Christ that cleaneth all from sin, and as I dy in perfect charity with all men and freely forgives my pursuers ad all my enemyes, so I desyre you, my dearest wife and children, to forgive them, as ye hope for forgiveness from God yourselves, and look chiefly to the hand of God in this, and on them but as instruments: they intended it to me (perhaps) for evil but God hath turned (I trust) for my good and advantage, though they have occasioned (perhaps) our separation a little sooner, and - me to that fatall blow, yet I trust it shall turn to the etrnall salvation of my soul. I intreat you make (conscience) of the worship of God as long as you are together...and separate serving of him whose eyes are always upon you and....you must make your account to God as I am shortly to doe and whatsomevir your predominant inclinations do most prompt and lead you to, and you find to be provoking to him, endeavour to reform and amend and beware of offending him as I have done.

And now my dearest Heart and children, I have no more to leave you but this my last advice and blessing, live in sweetness and the fear of God so long as ye live together. My heart, be kynd to and be careful of your children and mine, and my children be obedient to and helpfull to your mother, and commit your wayes to him, and he who hath promised to be a father to the fatherlesse, and a husband to the widow will (doubtless) take care of you and will provyde for you, to whose grace I commend you as I commend my soul to his mercie and pardon, and I bid you and all my friends a long long farewell in hopes of a glorious meeting together again at the resurrection: and mourn not for me as those that have no hope, and remember this is the last advice of your dearest dying husband and most loving parent, Godfrey McCulloch.

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