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A current British rock musician, vocalist, and songwriter, Ian McCulloch was born 5 May 1959 in Liverpool, England. He first came to public notice in the British music world as a member of the seminal Liverpudlian punk band, The Crucial Three, fronted by the infamous Julian Cope. Highly opinionated and flamboyant himself, McCulloch was thrown out of this band and formed a new one with Will Sergeant and Lester Pattinson. Originally a trio backed up by Echo, a drum machine (hence their name Echo and the Bunnymen), they soon added a real drummer and went on to become the standard bearers of Liverpool's neo- psychedelic movement. One critic claimed that their "moody, atmospheric music combined punk's energy and edge with the Door's poetic theatricality."

The Bunnymen with their self-conscious, literary, out-spoken and arrogant lead singer, McCulloch (aka "Mac the Mouth") despite massive popularity in Europe never made it big in North America. Their distinct influence however can be seen in Britain in the attitudes and guitar textures of such 90's English bands such as Slade.

In 1989, McCulloch left the band to pursue a solo career and released two albums: Candleland and Mysterio, neither of which received any success comparable to his albums with The Bunnymen.

Ian McCulloch rejoined fellow ex-Bunnyman Will Sergeant in 1994 to form the new group Electrafixion -- Here (and) Here. Their most recent release is Zephyr.

This group has not achieved success so "Mac the Mouth" and the original members of "Echo and the Bunnymen" reformed their band in 1997 and went on the road. ( Go here ).

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