John Arnott MacCulloch

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Celtic scholar, writer

John Arnott MacCulloch is best known as one of Scotland's pre-eminent scholars on Celtic Religion and Mythology. His most famous works include The Religion of the Ancient Celts and his lengthier The Mythology of All Races (in thirteen volumes). The former book first published in 1911, was written during a long residence in the Isle of Skye, a place McCulloch claimed to be "easier to attempt the ancient religion than in a busier or more prosaic place" because it "is where the old language of the people still survives, and where the genius loci speaks everywhere of things remote and strange."

McCulloch's book became an instant classic as it was one of the first to attempt to rebuild Celtic paganism and postulate its inner spirit. McCulloch portrays the Celt as a seeker after God, linking himself by strong ties to the unseen and eager to conquer the unknown by religous rite and magic art. The earliest aspect of the Celtic religion, McCulloch believed, was the cult of nature spirits and of life manifested in nature.

J.A. McCulloch wrote several other books including The Misty Isle of Skye and The Childhood of Fiction: A Study of Folktales and Primitive Thought. For examples of Celtic Mythology citing MacCulloch as a principal source go here here and here.

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