Walter Jameson McCulloch

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Writer to the Signet, soldier, historian

Walter Jameson McCulloch,MC,TD, is 14th of the line of Ardwall and 9th of Hills, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland. He was born in Simla, India in on 25 August 1906, son of Major-General Sir Andrew Jameson McCulloch, KBE, CB, DSO and two bars, DCM and Esme Valentine Mackenzie. He was educated at Loretto College in Scotland and went on to Downing College, Cambridge where he received a BA degree. He was Writer to the Signet, 1931, married Katharine Harriet Inglis, 1934 and joined the 1st Lothians and Border Yeomanry, a territorial cavalry unit before the Second World War.

With the outbreak of war, Major Walter McCulloch went to France and was taken prisoner of war June 1940 with most of his unit which was providing the rearguard at St Valery so men on the beaches of Dunkirk could escape. On his return home after the war, he resumed his old job and family life. He started to write a history of the Galloway families of McCullochs, receiving firsthand advice from one of Scotland's foremost experts on the antiquities of southwest Scotland and its inhabitants, Dr D.C. Reid. In McCulloch's foreword he pays tribute to Reid stating, that "the whole earlier part of the history of the McCuloch families is almost entirely the fruit of his truly immense labours and I have done little more than arrange and edit his copious notes. Without his enthusiastic encouragement I do not think I should have ever embarked on this work and he was kind enough, too, to revise and make a great number of invaluable suggestions on the original draft of this work."

In 1966, with the death of his father, Walter Jameson McCulloch became the 14th of Ardwall, as well as sixth of Hills, the latter Maxwell estate near Lochrutton having been in the McCulloch family since 1710. He had three sons: Andrew Jameson (b.1935); John David (of Auchindinny) (b.1937) and Alexander Patton (1946). His extensive book which was published for private family use contains trees of the following McCulloch lineages and related families:
McCulloch of Myretoun
McCulloch of Ardwell (later of Myretoun)
McCulloch of Killasser
McCulloch of Torhouse
McCulloch of Drummorrel
McCulloch of Inshanks and Mule
McCulloch of Torhousekie
McCulloch of Cardiness
Gordon of Cardiness
McCulloch of Barholm
McCulloch of Kirkclaugh
McCulloch of Auchengool
McCulloch of Ardwall (Nether Ardwall)
Maxwell of Hills.

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