Captain Roderick McCulloch of Glastullich, 1745-46

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Captain Roderick MacCulloch, great grandson of Andrew McCulloch, Provost of Tain (circa 1650) and Member of Parliament for that town for a number of years, fought at Culloden in Cromartie's regiment. He was taken prisoner by British forces in Sutherland. MacCulloch was a giant of a man, towering head and shoulders above his fellows. His appearance among the Jacobite rebels as they were marched to their imprisonment in London attracted the attention of a court lady, who, as he passed, unfeelingly called out: "You tall Scotch rebel, you'll be hanged, Sir!" To which MacCulloch replied with a courtly bow and smile, "There's deil a doubt o' that, Madam."

His bold and manly bearing, and nonchalant reply made such an impression that the lady straightway sought out the Duke of Newcastle, and begged permission to interview a "giant rebel". She was refused access, but so stubbornly did she seek to carry her point that on every occasion she approached the King or his ministers, she begged for the life of her unknown giant. At length wearied out with her persistent nagging, the King threatened to send her to the Tower, but finally ordered in a letter to the Constable of the Tower which has survived to this day, to let his courtier have full access to the prison and for for him to parade all Scottish prisoners before her. The lady identified her giant rebel and Captain Roderick MacCulloch was set free with a full pardon.

What the subsequent fate of the lady and the former captive was is unknown, but MacCulloch went on to marry twice: first in 1752, Margaret, daughter of Gustavus Munro; secondly, date unknown, Jean, eldest daughter of David Ross of Inverchassly. Three of his grandsons, Alexander, William and Roderick, served as officers in the 93rd Foot (Sutherland Highlanders) of the British Army.

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