McCulloch Officers in the British Army: 1684-1800

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It is generally accepted that the regular standing army in Britain was officially created - in the sense of being fully accommodated within Parliamentary control - in 1689, although it is, strictly speaking, only correct to refer to the British Army existing from the Act of Union with Scotland in 1707. Other historians will argue that Britain's first standing army originated with the Restoration of Charles II in 1680.

That historical debate aside, McCullochs served their various kings whether Scottish, English or foreign with steadfast courage, loyalty and devotion, many falling on the field of battle. The record of service which follows must needs be brief, and most information is taken directly from the British Army Lists (BAL). Therefore, information will usually only show: the rank & name of the individual, his regiment or regiments, his period of known service, and in some cases, date of rank in the army, and when he was placed on half-pay and the year in which it ceased (usually an indication that the individual died)..

1. Captain John McCulloch,
Dumbarton's Regt of Foot, The Royal Regt of Foot,
Hodges Regt of Foot, 1685-1691.

2. Lieutenant Anthony McCulloch, An unknown Irish Regt. Appears in the BAL on "List of Londonderry and Inniskilling Officers that are to receive Three months Pay in England Upon Account to Return them to Ireland 27 February 1689." He is shown as having received 21 pounds sterling. He was probably one of many Protestant officers dismissed by the Duke of Tyrconnell during the short reign of James II. In his capacity as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Tyrconnell removed most of the Protestant officers and men of the Irish army establishment and replaced them with Catholics as part of a general policy to Catholicize all government institutions of Ireland. When William of Orange invaded England in 1688, Tyrconnell led the Irish Army in a rebellion against the government of the English in Dublin which, initially, was hugely successful in reducing the Protestant forces to the garrisons of Londonderry and Enniskillen.

The Antrim McCulloughs;
3a. Captain Henry McCullough
3b. Lieutenant John McCullough
3c. Ensign William McCullough

All three served in the same company of Col Skeffington's Londonderry Regt, Jan 1689, Renamed Col Mitchelburne's Londonderry Regt, Aug 1689

4. Captain John McCulloch of Ardwall, Viscount Kenmure's Regt of Foot, 1689-1691.

5. 2nd Lieutenant John McCulloch, Royal Marines, 1760 (gazetted 2nd Lt 8 Feb 1760)

6. Ensign Kenneth McCulloch, 78th Frasers' Highlanders (gazetted Ensign 9 July 1760).

7. Ensign Nathaniel McCulloch, 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch), 1760. (gazetted Ensign, 23 July 1759)

8. Lieutenant John M'Culloch, Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1756-59.

9. Quartermaster George McCulloch, 111th Foot, disbanded 1763, on halfpay in 1798, dead by 1799

10. Captain David MacCulloch, 9th (East Norfolk) Regt of Foot, 1775. (gazetted Lt: 26 Sept 1772; gazetted Captain in the Army: 11 May 1783) By 20 June 1787, has transferred and is a Captain in 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regt of Foot.) Has disappeared from BAL by 1791.

11. Surgeon John McCulloch, 102nd Foot, disbanded 1783; on halfpay in 1791; dead by 1795.

12. Lieutenant Alexander McCullogh, 48th (Northamptonshire) Regt of Foot. (gazetted Lt: 28 February 1795). Disappears from BAL by 1798. Presumed dead.

13. Surgeon John McCulloch, Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1795-18__?, (gazetted Asst Surgeon: 15 August 1795).

14. Lieutenant Felix McCullogh, Independent Company of Invalids, Guernsey, (gazetted Ensign: 7 June 1797; gazetted Lieutenant: 29 March 1799).

15. 2nd Lieutenant James Murray McCulloch, Royal Marines, (gazetted 2nd Lt 2 November 1798).

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