Ross and Lewis Branch of Clan MacIver/Ivor

[Coat of Arms: Clan MacIvor] Coat of Arms: Clan MacIvor

Peter Colin Campbell, in his "Account of Clan-Iver" (1873), outlines several branches of Clan MacIver/Ivor including the Ross and Lewis Branch, which he describes as follows:

{*} The McIvers of Gress, formerly of Tournack and Leckmelm -- Clann-a-M'haighstir.

{*} The McIvers of Ness or Tolsta, Stornoway or Coll -- Clann-a-Bhaillidh.

{*} The McIvers of Uig

{*} Other McIvers of Lewis Origin

{*} The McIvers of Uig

{*} The McIvers in British America (Canada, specifically Nova Scotia)

Besides the members of Coll family and others in Canada, there are many M'Ivers of Lewis descent in Nova Scotia, especially on what is called the Gulf Shore between Pictou and the Gut of Canso; also in the settlement of St. Anne's, and along the shores of the Bras-d'Or Lake, on Cape Breton Island, where they are very numerous.

[Editor's Note]. MacIvors who emigrated from the Isle of Lewis in 1811, settled on the Northumberland Strait shoreline in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, in an area also known as the Gulf Shore since 1806. In 1922, John Munro MacIvor of the Gulf Shore, Cumberland County, published an excellent History of the MacIvor Clan in Canada which is included in this website, and will be published in hard copy later this year.

{*} The McIvers in United States

{*} The McIvers of the Ross Branch who continued on the Mainland.

Varying amounts of genealogical and biographical historical material regarding each of these components of the Ross and Lewis Branch is included in the "Account of Clan-Iver" by Peter Colin Campbell, 1873.

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