Glenelg Branch of Clan MacIver/Ivor

[Coat of Arms: Clan MacIvor] Coat of Arms: Clan MacIvor

Peter Colin Campbell, in his "Account of Clan-Iver" (1873), outlines several branches of Clan MacIver/Ivor including the Glenelg Branch, which he describes as follows:

Of this branch, which occupied a good position, but appears never to have been numerous, no genealogical traces having been found. Catharine, daughter of "MacIver of Glenelg," married early in last century [1700s], Dr. Archibald McCalman of Muckairn, progenitor of the McCalmans of Drissaig.

The late Rev. Farquhar MacIver of Glenshiel, although it is believed, a native of Contin, was of a family which once possessed, as he informed the writer, the lands of Araisdale in Glenelg.

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