Lochaber Branch of Clan MacIver/Ivor

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Peter Colin Campbell, in his "Account of Clan-Iver" (1873), outlines several branches of Clan MacIver/Ivor including the Lochaber Branch, which he describes as follows:

The chief family of this branch seems to have been the M'Ivers, Campbells, or M'Glasrichs of Auchmaddie or Achavatie. On 16 May, 1749, "John M'Iver or M'Glasrich" is served "heir male general to his brother Angus More M'Glasrich or Campbell in Achavatie.

"John Campbell of Achmaddie in Lochaber," doubtless the same person, married Catherine, eldest daughter of John Macpherson of Strathmassie, by Jean, daughter of Lauchlan Mackintosh of Mackintosh, and had issue.

The author, named M'Glasrich, of some Gaelic poems, who lived in Perthshire late in the last or early in the present century, like all others who bear the same name, was probably descended from the Lochaber Branch of the Clan-Iver.

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