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Appendix A

Appendices to be determined, by clansfolk of Clan MacIvor

We are republishing this book, as John Munro MacIvor penned it in 1922. He used the English language of the time, shortly after the close of WWI, which should be retained for future generations to read.

With options, such as Appendices and others, we would be interested in including updated information about the MacIvor and MacIver folks in Nova Scotia, and Canada and worldwide too. If you are a MacIvor or MacIver, please drop a note and give your comments on this publication.

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If you have material you would like to see posted here, and/or added to the hard copy publication, we would appreciate your sending it along.

Thanks for taking time to read this material.

Janet MacKay, on behalf of Clan MacIvor
MacKay Research Associates

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