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Chapter III


Neil MacIvor married Margaret Morrison. They lived on part of the old farm. They had three girls, Katie, Christine and Charlotte: two boys, Dan and Murdoch. Katie married a John Fraser (a Pictou County man). They lived in Massechusetts. Christine married Wellington Jollimore of Boston, a house builder. He was State representative for a time. Charlotte married John Matheson, of Gulf Shore. None of these folks had any family. Dan lived in California and died in early life. Murdoch married Mary Graham, of Wallace Station. They have two children living -- Ethel, who is married to Mr. Kirkstead, a Methodist minister. Wiley married a Miss Chapman of Amherst. He was overseas during the late war, and is now in Toronto. Ethel and Wiley were both school teachers.

Norman MacIvor, on the old homestead, married Henrietta McLean, daughter of John McLean, a farmer of the Gulf Shore. Their family consists of John Angus, who followed the sea, and was drowned in the West Indies when a young man. Neil, living on the same old farm on which his father and grandfather lived, is married to a Miss Clara Holland, of London, England. Henry married Kathleen Atchison, but did not enjoy married life very long, as he died shortly after. They lived in Pugwash. Sarah married William Jones of West Pugwash. Jennie married a Mr. Rose, of Boston, both are dead. Victoria married Alexander Cummings, of West Pugwash. There has been no increase from any of these unions. Their father, Norman, was a Pugwash ship's pilot and was drowned when a ship he was taking around Nova Scotia was wrecked in a storm. His body was recovered. Neil is also a Pugwash pilot. The old lady, Norman's wife, died a few years ago.

I wish to state that it is impossible for me to give day and date for either marriage or death. Now I will try to tell about the girls, and who married, etc. Katie married a Murdoch Nicolson, called Stone House Murdoch. He was a sea-faring man, owning a schooner and did a coasting business. He was lost at sea. They had a family of five boys and three girls. Angus was drowned with his father. Kenneth died in California. Dan lived and died in California. John married Susan Miller, of Pugwash. They had three sons and three daughters, Robin, Kenneth, Charlie, Katie, Susie and Mary. The boys are in California. Katie married Willie MacKenzie and had one son, Aubrey. His father died while quite a young man. His widow and son reside in Boston. Susie and Mary also live there. Mary is a teacher in the city schools.

Murdoch Nicholson lived on the old place that was his father's. He married Christy Matheson, of Gulf Shore, daughter of Malcolm Matheson. They had four girls. Jenny and Kate, teachers in United States schools (Jennie is dead), Maggie, who is also dead, and Annie who was a trained nurse and died in the Canadian west. Their father and mother are both gone. Nancy MacIvor married Alexander Matheson of Gulf Shore. They had two sons, John and Dan, and three girls. John married his cousin Charlotte MacIvor: had no children. Dan, on the old homestead, married a Miss Mullin of Pugwash Junction. They have no children. John and his wife are both dead. The girls were Mary, Christy and Maggy. Marion who lived in Boston most of her life, remained single. Christy also lived in Boston. She married a Mr. Fillmore. They had one son. Maggie married Allan McInnis, of Fox Harbour. She is still living.

Mary MacIvor, my father's sister, married George MacIvor of Gulf Shore. They had a large family -- five sons and four daughters. John died in California in early days. George and Murdoch, twins, both single, are living in California. Neil died in California some years ago. Angus married Mary McLanders. They lived in California for some years, then came back to the Gulf. They had one son who died in childhood. They both died lately. Peggy married Dan Reid and had a family of sons and daughters. George died in childhood. John married Georgina Ross and they are living in Boston with their family. Dan married a Miss Reid of Pugwash. They lived in New York for some years, then came back and bought the big old farm formerly owned by Donald Nicolson, where they are living with their family. Their oldest daughter married Charlie Robertson, son of Stanley Robertson, of Gulf Shore. Annie MacIvor, twin of Neil, was married to Mr. Galloway in Boston where she died; left no children. Kate married a Mr. Hunt, of Nevada. She is also gone. Christie was single and died years ago.

I neglected to tell of the three girls in their family, viz.: Tena, Margaret and Katie. Tena married Horton Peers; had a family of two boys and one girl. Mary married John Manning. They all lived in Boston. Katie married Rufe Colburn, of Pugwash. With their family, they lived in Boston.

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