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Chapter VII


Now if you will permit me, I'll go back to the old folks at home and tell you about some of the older members of the family. Perhaps I had better tell you about Maggie, as (Margaret) was usually called, she being the oldest of the sisters. When she got old enough to take care of herself, she did as a great many young girls did, went to Boston, and for some years worked there. Her sister Christy was taken ill, and Maggie was sent for. Later, she met a man by the name of George Logan of Roger Hill, Pictou County, whom she married and went to live in Pictou County.

After a short stay there he went to Gold Hill, Nevada State, and for years worked in mining. His wife lived in the meantime here with us at the old home, where her son George was born. For six years she lived here. Then she took her boy, and went to join her husband in Nevada. Several children were born to them: Malcolm, Daniel, Clarence and Garvey. Before the children were grown up, their father died of Miner's consumption. The older boys went to work in the mines.

Garvey, the youngest, she sent east to educate. He was a term at Exter, but later concluded that there were better chances for success in the engineering world. He went to the Technical Institute in Boston, where he got through a full fledged civil engineer. His mother moved to Bangor, Maine, to keep house for him. He began at the bottom of the ladder and worked his way up until he got the appointment of superintendent of all the branch lines of the company (roadmaster). In this position he remained for several years, but the west called him and he could not resist the call. He and his mother, after visiting us at the old home, went west and took up their abode in Reno, Nevada, where a few years later, she passed away. Garvey took up surveying in mining camps, city building and railroad work, where he is at present.

I told that Christy was ill. She recovered, and also went to Nevada, while her sister, Margaret, was there. Living there for some years, she went down to Los Angeles, where she met and married a man by the name of A. J. Sanor. In the year 18878 they came east on a visit and remained here for a few months. They returned to Los Angeles, built a house, where they lived until she was called home in 1910. He followed a few years later. They had no family.

Bella lived with mother and I at home. After the other boys left home, she married Angus McLean of Six Mile Road. He was a farmer. One child, a daughter, Viola Belle, was born to them. She went to school when old enough, walking some miles to do so. After studying hard she got her "B" license and began teaching school. After teaching several terms she took a course at Pictou Academy and later a course at Normal in Truro. She taught as principal in several schools including Pugwash and Wallace; also for a short term in Alberta. At present she is teaching in Amherst. She took several short courses at Queens University.

Her mother died in the year 1910. Her father sold the farm and bought a home at Wallace Station where they lived until he also passed away in 1918, aged 84. My sister Sibella, the youngest of the girls, taught school for some years then went to Boston and later joined her sisters in the west, where she married Daniel Nicolson, a native of the Gulf Shore, where he was born. From this union two boys were born, Daniel and Harry. Daniel was killed in San Francisco when a young man, being struck by a car. Harry married and is still living there. He is in the automobile business. Their father and mother are both dead. After her husband's death, their mother went to live in Los Angeles with her boys. She died there, and the boys went back to San Francisco.

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