[MacIvor Crest] Crest of Clan MacIvor

The McDonalds

I think I have told you all I know about the MacIvor family, but if I should later be so fortunate as to find out the missing link between the old country and the new, I shall tell you before I finish this -- "what shall I call it?" But anyway my grand parents, on my mother's side, that is, Malcolm McDonald and his wife Margaret Murray, with some other Scotchmen came to this country at the same time as the MacIvors, perhaps not in the same ship, but they settled on the Gulf Shore and like everybody else began to clear the forest for a home. They had a family of two sons, Kenneth and William, five girls, Bella, Christy (my mother), Rachael, Nancy and Stella. They were all married but Sibella, who died middle aged.

Kenneth, when he grew up, settled on part of the homestead. He married Mary McKenzie from the North Shore, a settlement of principally Scottish folks. They raised a big family of six sons and four daughters. The boys were: Malcolm, Peter, Colin, William and Dan (twins). The girls were: Annie, Belle, Celia and Mary Margaret (called Molly). Malcolm married Susana Brown, daughter of Elisha Brown, of Wallace Bay. He built a vessel as a start, then engaged in quarrying stone on the River Phillip. After a time spent at his business he went to California, taking his wife and family with him, where he engaged in mining and contracting, until death called him. The members of their family are settled around San Francisco at the present time.

Peter married a Miss McKenzie of River Hebert, in this county (Cumberland). They settled in Pugwash where they did a general merchandise business. They also had a large family of boys and girls. Kenneth is Station Agent at Oxford Junction. George lives in British Columbia, is in the coal business and is reputed a millionaire. Stewart was a R.R. man, as was also Malcolm. Both are gone.

I believe the girls are all dead. Belle, who died lately, was married in New York to a Mr. Brown. Annie, Kenneth's daughter, went to New York when a young girl, where she met and married Ira Clapp, a very smart man, who in early days had been a detective in the Navy Yard. He was a member of State Legislature. They had but one child, Annie Belle, who was married there. They are all dead now. Belle married a New York man, A. J. Garvey. In early life, he was a plasterer and upholsterer, but got into city politics. Later, alderman under mayor Tweed (Boss Tweed) member of the famous "Tammany Ring". As investigation of city affairs revealed them to be in a bad state.

I don't know as it is necessary for me to go into this as it is in history, but things settled down after a time. Garvey and his wife built a palace in the city and lived there. He was very wealthy. His wife, Belle McDonald, and he travelled extensively in Europe. They visited several times their old home on the Gulf. She died quite young. He moved to London, where he married again, but did not enjoy life very long after his second marriage.

Cella married in New York a man by the name of Piscaro, a native of Cuba, and of Spanish blood. They had one child, a daughter. Their married life was not a happy one. Their home was in New York. I believe they have all gone west.

Mary Margaret, the youngest of the family, also went to New York while a young girl, living with her sister, Mrs. Garvey. She was educated at Vassar College. She married a man by the name of Frothingham, a stock broker. They had a family of daughters, who are all married. One of them, when on a tour to Paris, met and married a Count Trosti, I think his name was.

The other members of the family. Kenney McDonald never married. He lived on the farm, the old home place, with his mother who lived to a good old age. Some years before her death, she spent some months in New York visiting her daughters there. Kenny died after a short illness in middle life. Dan, who had been living in Frisco, where he was married and doing business, had a stroke of paralysis which unfitted him for any active employment. He came home and lived on the farm until he, too, passed away. Will, his twin brother, lived in California. He was married, and, if still living, is probably there still.

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