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Chapter XVII

Maternal Aunts of John Munro MacIvor

I will now try to tell about my mother's sisters.

Rachael married Thomas Simpson, a farmer of North Shore. They had a family of three sons and three daughters. The oldest son, Thomas, went to the western states where he settled down to a married life, but I do not know whether he is living now or not. Malcolm also lived in the west. William was killed by a car in Boston when he was a young man. Margaret married a man near her home, his name being Green. She died young, and left no family. Rachael died quite young, and Barbara married a man by the name of Purdy. They lived in the States.

Aunt Nancy married a man named Alex McDonald, he being a farmer and lived on the North Shore. They had a large family of sons and daughters. The sons' names were: Donald, Malcolm, Duncan and John Allin. The girls names were: Margaret, Christy, Kate, Jannet, Bella, and Mary Anne.

Donald, or `Dan' as he was called, was a ship's carpenter. He married Mary McIntosh and they had two children, Annie and Crerar. Their mother died when they were quite young. Dan married again, a girl from New Annan, Jane Pugh by name. She raised him a family of two boys and three girls. They moved to California, their home being in Almeda, where I visited them in 1900. The daughters married there, the boys dying while young men. Crerar lived in California, but took sick and ended his days at his sister's home in North Dakota in his prime. Annie, at whose home he died, married a man by the name of Creighton, of New Annan. They moved to North Dakota and engaged in farming. He died a young man, leaving a family of one son and daughters.

Duncan and Malcolm, remember I told you before, were taken to Ohio by my brothers doing business there. Later they drifted farther west, Duncan to Texas, where he married and settled down. He died a few years ago. Malcolm went to Oakland; he also married and lived there. He was in the boot and shoe business, and is still living. John Allin, the youngest boy, lived with his parents on the farm. He married Agnes Atchinson, of New Annan. After the death of his parents, they sold the farm and moved to San Francisco, California, where a few years later he was killed while working at bridge building, leaving a young widow, but no family.

Margaret married George Clark, a shoe maker by trade. They had a large family living in the States. They are both dead. Kate, while young, lived in Boston. She came home and married Alexander Boyce, a house carpenter by trade. Their married life was not a happy one, so she left him and resided in California. A few years before she died, she came back home where she too died. Christy married Alexander Gillis. They lived in Reno, Nevada, and had one son. They have been dead for some years.

Janet was living in Halifax where she met and married a man by the name of Jacob Whiting. He was a soldier in the British army and bought his discharge. They moved to the North Shore where her father gave them land on which they built, and worked hard. Although farming was new to him, he made a success of it. When he passed away last year, he left a family of sons and daughters.

Will, the eldest, died in California, a young man. Sidney is an invalid, but the time keeper and "historian" of the family. Boyd, of course, got married to a Miss Cameron, of Fox Harbour. He drifted around the world for a time, but landed back not long ago at the old home, where he, with his wife and family, are living with his mother and Sid.

Bella McDonald married a man by the name of Clough. They lived in Toronto and had one child, but both father and child died. Then she married a man by the name of Hughes, an Englishman. They made their home in San Franscisco, where he was in the grocery business. He died a few years ago, leaving a family and his widow all well provided for, where they are at the present time. Dan McDonald and his wife, Jane, are both gone. Their home was a home for everyone.

Mary Ann married William Byers, a farmer living in West New Annan, Colchester County. They had a large family of sons and daughters. One of the girls was married in the States and died, leaving a family. Another one, I believe, is also living there. Minnie, the youngest one, married a man by the name of Swallow, of Wentworth. He passed out early, leaving one son. She then married George Gullins, of North Shore, where they are living. They had three sons, George, Gordon, and Walter. George is living in the western States; Walter and Gordon are both in New Annan. Their parents are still living.

This about finishes the record as far as I know it, regarding the MacIvor and the McDonald families. I had no record to go by, and nearly all recorded here is from memory, and some information I got from others. My mother's youngest sister, Sibella, never married, she dying many years ago. There was one more sister of my mother's, Bella. She married Malcolm MacIvor, a cousin of my father. They lived in Cape Breton. Of this family, one of the girls married Norman Morrison. Annie married Malcolm McLeod, and Margaret, or Peggy, as she was called, married Donald McLeod. They moved to Pugwash from Cape Breton, where they raised a large family of sons and daughters, almost too numerous to mention in detail.

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