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Chapter XXV

A Few of the Wonderful Things that are Taking Place

I would like to mention just a few of the wonderful things that have taken place in the last few years. History will record them all and many more, but in passing I cannot refrain from speaking of some of the most prominent ones.

The progress of wireless telephoning. A few weeks ago while Princess Mary and Lord Lascelles were getting married in London, England, hundreds of people in New York heard the wedding march played in London.

We are certainly living in a wonderful age, and the whole world is passing through great changes and troubles. The Great War, called the World War, brought on by the old Kaiser and his war lords, is responsible for most of the trouble and unrest which we are passing through. O! What an appalling condition this old world is in. What will be the final result?

It is impossible to speak of all the men who contributed to the upbuilding of Canada. Nova Scotians fill a large place in this job, not only in the larger affairs of state, but most every walk of life. Take the medical men. I am afraid enough credit and praise has not been given those faithful, hard-working and, in most cases, self denying men, who practised in early days when the country was new. The conditions then were very different than those of today. Roads only in name. On horseback was the principal mode of getting around. There were no telephones in those days. When a person required a doctor, he would have to go to the town or village, perhaps miles away. Often the doctor had, in winter, to start out at night, to wallow through snow drifts, or tramp a path for his faithful horse to get through. He wasn't always paid for his service. In many cases, his patients were not very able to pay and money was scarce, but the people were mostly honest and would pay when they could. Mostly all these doctors are gone. Here are a few of their names:- Creed, Clark, Clay Dakin and last but not least is Dr. Mackintosh, who is living on borrowed time, but is as active as a young man. He has been practising in Pugwash for nearly fifty years, but no more shanks' horse for him. In summer, he drives his auto. His son Arthur is a doctor. He lives in Amherst.

The explosion of a shipload of most powerful explosives which destroyed a large part of the city of Halifax and killed thousands of citizens besides maiming many more, was a planned piece of German deviltry. It was on a par with killing men, women and children by torpedo or airship over London.

The League of Nations, the child of Wilson, President of the United States, would have been complete if he (Wilson) had used a little tact with his political opponents in his government. To destroy him and gain a political victory, they killed the League of Nations, as far as the United States was concerned.

When President Harding got in the saddle, he proposed a substitute for the League of Nations. He invited all the principal powers to come to Washington to a conference. The nations all responded at once, not showing any animosity regarding this treatment of the League of Nations.

This conference was called a Disarmament Conference, which was fine as far as it went. Later the powers called a conference to be held at Geneva, an economic council, I believe it was, and invited the United States to send delegates, but again she balked. When Harding and his cabinet were leaders, everything was lovely -- but -- I used to think the United States was all right, but am sorry to say their actions since the close of the war are not becoming to a great nation.

They did not come into the war until the last minute. Britain and her allies were fighting the battles of the United States as well as their own. The United States made billions out of the war while others were bleeding to death. Their actions have retarded reconstruction and caused immense loss of life and money. They refused to take any responsibility in European affairs. They were asked to look after the Armenians, who were being slaughtered by the Turks, but no, they refused to take any part in it. This is to their shame.

For the present condition of Armenia, France, unstable as of old, is also largely responsible. After her agreement with the allies at the Treaty of Peace, she made a secret treaty with the bloody Turks, when she handed over to the cruel mercy of the Turks, Armenia, which people they immediately set about to exterminate.

Late despatches tell of 13,000 men, women and children being driven into the desert and slaughtered. I firmly believe God will judge and punish the nations who by omission or commission, were responsible for this awful business.

I cannot believe France today would take a hand in slaughter, but what about the spirit that prompted the St. Bartholomew massacre!

What is the matter with Ireland! After years of fighting for Home Rule, when they got it they would not have it. At the time of the World War they, or the southern part, rebelled and plotted with Germany. They wanted to cut adrift from the empire and form a republic. Britain then granted them a constitution similar to that of Canada, to be called the Irish Free State. By a small majority, Ireland accepted it, but a large number led by DeValera, the so- called Republican President, opposed it. Northern Ireland, led by Premier Craig, doesn't want to join the Free State. The condition there is very serious at the present, bordering on civil war. When will there be peace or what will be the final outcome? In past years, if England had been so wise and generous as she is now, I firmly believe Ireland today would have been as peaceful and as contented and as happy as it is possible for Irishmen to be. Later, 1922, civil war in Ireland.

Egypt, after being governed for years by England, to the great benefit of Egypt, has rebelled and thinks she is able to rule herself now. So Britain has granted here her independence.

India also is a state of unrest. English, or I should say, Britain's rule in India has been good. 'Tis a hard proposition to govern that large country. It is cut up into so many different creeds and castes. The leader of the malcontents has lately been arrested and sentenced to six years.

Poor old Russia has gone to the dogs. Under the rule of the czars they were comparatively contented and prosperous. Though there was much room for improvement, it was far away and above the wretched Soviet rule. The resources of the country were destroyed to a large extent and when drought came with the mismanagement added, starvation of millions and death was the result. This is the condition of Russia today, 1922.

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