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{*} by John Munro MacIvor: 1922
Briefly, this is a history of the MacIvor Clan in Canada, or at least a branch of the Clan with their connections, particularly in Nova Scotia, as my story begins before the union of the pioneers into the Dominion of Canada, the ups and downs of different members of the family, to the third and fourth generation, as far as it was possible to do so. You will also find short sketches of men who helped to build Canada, in both church and state, with other interesting matter.

Respectfully yours,

John Munro MacIvor
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{*} by Ronald Ivor MacIvor (great-grandson of John Munro MacIvor): 1996
The original of this book has been in our family for as long as I can remember. To the best of my recollection, it was given to my father, Ivor Arthur, by his parents, Sanor and Varina, with the intent of keeping it in the family for future generations.

With the advent of the internet, and the information highway, it seemed that now we had a way to share the contents with others of the Clan MacIvor, and indeed with related clans, many of whom, no doubt, are unaware of the book's very existence. With the able involvement of Janet MacKay, of MacKay Research Associates, Halifax, and a close personal confidante of my grandmother, Varina, we were able to accomplish this.

The Original of the book is now in the custody of Mr. Steven Imrie, BA, son of my sister Sharon and her husband William, all now resident in St. Thomas, Ontario.

We hope those who venture here will enjoy the writings of my forefather, and maybe find a bit of their own past.

Respectfully yours,

Ronald Ivor MacIvor

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