Ancient Crest of Clan MacIvor

[Origin of Clan MacIvor] Origin of Clan MacIvor

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From research notes of Chaplain Daniel McEver, re Crest:

"Based on currently available research, several sources suggest that this Coat of Arms and Crest were in use by some MacIvors/MacIvers prior to the Argyll (Campbell) boar's head Crest. Some MacIvers outside Argyll continued to use these arms after the Argyll MacIvers officially became a sept clan of the Campbells in 1689. See the pedigree of Kenneth MacIver of Stornoway, Scotland in "Burke's Landed Gentry," 1939, p. 2809, and especially its associated MacIver arms as displayed on plate XXXII.

Further research is required, however, to confirm that the above arms were indeed the old MacIver arms prior to 1689. A full discussion on this subject is pending."

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Ancient Coat of Arms of Clan MacIvor [Click to view; 138K JPEG]
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