Origin of Clan MacIvor

[Origin of Clan MacIvor] Origin of Clan MacIvor

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The book, "The MacIvor Clan in Canada," essentially begins with the Brig Ann sailing from the Isle of Lewis in 1811 and landing at Pictou, Nova Scotia.

It includes the following, by A. MacLean Sinclair:

"Ivor, the progenitor of the MacIvor's lived in Perthshire and must have been born about the year 1100.
MacBeth, son of Ivor, was Judge of Gourie and Sheriff of Scone.
Donald, son of MacBeth, witnessed a grant by the Earl of Athol in 1219.
Ivor Crom, son of Donald, received the lands Lergacachonie and others from KIng Alexander in 1221.
Malcolm, probably grandson of Ivor MacIvor, was in possession of Lergacachonie in 1292.
Ivor MacIvor, a son or grandson of Malcolm, was Chief of the MacIvors in 1361. He married Christina, daughter and heiress of MacCoul, of Craignish.
In 1685, Ivor MacIvor, of Arkinish, was forfeited for having supported the Earl of Argyll in his rebellion after the rebellion in 1688.
Archibald, tenth Earl of Argyll, gave the estate which had belonged to Ivor to his son Duncan, but imposed as a condition, that Duncan and his heirs should bear the surname and arms of Campbell.
Some MacIvors settled in Lochaber, at an early period, and in course of time made Campbells of them.
A large number of MacIvors settled in Caithness about 1680. They all changed their names to Campbell.
Thomas Campbell, the famous poet, was not a Campbell at all. He was a MacIvor.
The MacIvors who settled in Lewis remained MacIvors. They had no wish to be classified among those who are given to change.
Principal Campbell of Aberdeen, author of the "Dissertation of Miracles" was a MacIvor and published an excellent history of the Clan Ivor. The work is 'now' out of first print. A new edition of it, and such notes and additions as are required, ought to command a ready sale".
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