Military Cross Recipient -- Lieutenant Carlton MacKay, MC

The Military Cross
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Lieutenant Lloyd Carlton McKay, MC,
1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.

His citation reads:

On the attack on MOOSHOF, Lieutenant Lloyd Carlton McKAY commanded 18 Platoon of D Company 1st Bn The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada on 26 February 1945. This platoon, upon reaching its objective, came under extremely heavy mortar and shell fire and the platoon was immediately counter- attacked by strong enemy forces.

Without regards for his personal safety, Lt McKAY refused to take cover and directed the fire of his platoon under the most hazardous conditions. He then personally led three attacks against enemy counter-blows, completely disorganizing the attacking enemy forces.

At this point Lt McKAY was seriously wounded through the chest and legs. Despite his wounds, he climbed on to the top of a supporting tank and, although still under intense enemy fire, directed the tanks into the buildings held by the enemy. In these buildings McKAY killed ten Germans and took 12 prisoners.

Through his supreme courage and magnificent leadership the company was able to consolidate its position and hold off all enemy attempts to retake it. Lt McKAY's extreme bravery and coolness in action was an inspiration to all ranks and is an example of the highest standards of a Canadian officer.
This action was acknowledged by fellow soldiers to be one of "The Toughest Scraps" waged with the enemy during the entire war. The Germans, it should be noted, were fighting on their own home soil. Sgt Aubrey Cosens, in a neighbouring platoon of D Company, won the Victoria Cross for his part in the same fighting. The Regimental History notes that "there is no doubt that, in the long history of the regiment, studded as it is with memorable engagements, 26 February 1945 will rank as the date of one of its finest achievements. The fighting was Homeric and to emerge victorious the battalion had to rise to great heights. That it did so is a tribute to the leadership shown by everyone from corporal to Commanding Officer and to the magnificent elan of the riflemen. One must not forget either the splendid work of the tanks and M10 [tank killers]."

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