MacKay Clansfolk at the Battle of Culloden

[Crest of clansfolk of Clan MacKay] Crest of Clansfolk of Clan MacKay
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Historian, Dr. Ian Grimble, outlines that the MacKays in Sutherland perceived that Prince Charles was stirring trouble that would bring disaster to the Highlands and did whatever was in their power to prevent the Prince's advance or success of his armies. Among other deeds, they successfully waylaid a vessel taking supplies to the Prince.

At least one family of MacKays, living near Inverness, went in aid of the Prince at the last minute. They were welcomed by the Prince, and put with the Glengarry Regiment. An Eye-Witness Account by Donald MacKay is on record, within the book Bloody Culloden. Donald MacKay was exported to the West Indies as punishment for his part in the Battle of Culloden, but returned to the Highlands later in life.

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