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[Crest of Clansfolk of Clan MacKay] Crest of Clansfolk of Clan MacKay

A number of Clan MacKay members in Nova Scotia can trace their ancestry back to The Book of Mackay. One MacKay family group is known to descend from the marriage of Aed, Earl of Moray, and his wife - the daughter of Lulach - which took place circa 1085. Then, if one chooses to follow the maternal line (accounting of course for caveat emptor), back to Adam!!

The Clan MacKay Genealogy Project centres around the original MacKay emigrant, and from that generation backwards into Scottish history and forward in the line of direct descent to clan members and/or their cousins. We acknowledge with humble appreciation the work of Dr. Allan Marble (Genealogical Consultant for the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland) in his extraction of the names of the people noted in records held at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia as having emigrated to Nova Scotia. These MacKays form the base of the ongoing search for every emigrant MacKay - a project that in itself is never ending, we fear!!

Bit by bit, leap by leap, advances are being made. It is a group project to be shared by all clan members. MacKays are encouraged to submit their genealogy to the permanent holdings of the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland. Those wishing to have their genealogy held in confidentiality, are encouraged to indicate this when it is submitted. It is perhaps a game of "Russian Roulette" to expect one's ancestry can be immediately "served up" by Clan MacKay on submission of one's known forebears. Sometimes this is the case - and the discoveries are exciting! Other genealogies must bide their time until more is revealed to tie the ancestors with other MacKay families. However, the law of probability increases with the amount of information available in the Clan MacKay genealogical files.

Genealogical accounts and/or enquiries are always welcomed by the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland. It is through genealogical research and discovery that one finds new cousins, and in meeting them an almost instant bond of kinship develops.

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