[Crest of Clansfolk of Clan MacKay] Crest of Clansfolk of Clan MacKay

Clan MacKay Stone

                                          - by Janet MacKay
At the Annual General Meeting and other significant gatherings of the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland, there is present the Clan Stone. This stone is passed down from President to President, and is one of the valued possessions of The Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland.

This stone is a large beige rock, originally taken from the waters of Melness, Strathnaver, by the Alaistair Aberach Mackay, then President of the Clan Mackay Society in Scotland. Mr. Mackay had painted the Manu Forti crest on the stone, before giving it a protective coating of varnish. It is a work of art.

Alaistair Mackay presented this clan stone to Mrs. Ida MacKay during our delightful visit with him and his wife at Skail House, Strathnaver, in May 1983. We were encouraged by his interest and support in the activities and growth of The Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland, and feel honoured to have this token of friendship and good will.

Copyright (C) 1988; Janet MacKay
Published: The Clansman, October 1988

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