Badges of Clan MacKay

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	    Great Bulrush, Reedmace
	    Typha latifolia
		   Gaelic: Cuigeal nam ban sith 

	    Reed, `reed-grass'
	           Phragmites communis
		   Gaelic: cuilc; seasg		


	     A dexter cubit arm holding a dagger in pale, 
	     all proper, hilt and pommel or.

Clansmen's Badges:

The chief wears a crested badge surmounted by three feathers. It was the practise, however, for chiefs to allow their followers to wear the crest and motto in a silver strap-and-buckle badge. This is the clansmen's badge and if you are a member of the clan you may wear it. If the clan lacks a chief, no badge is worn. [ Sir Thomas Innes, in The Scottish Tartans ]
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