Clan MacKay

       "The sportsman now roams o'er the Sutherland hills
           And down where the Naver runs clear;
       And the land a brave race had for centuries owned
           Is now trod by the sheep and the deer.
       The halls, where our ancestors first saw the light,
           Now blackened in ruins they lie.
       And the moss-covered cairns are all that remain
           Of the once pleasant homes of MacKay.

       Happy homes by an alien's base mandate o'erthrown
           Tender maidens and brave stalwart men
       Were ruthlessly scattered like leaves in a gale
           Far away from their dear native glen.
       Brave clansmen who fought in fair liberty's cause
           In the lowlands of Holland they lie.
       For bravest in battle and second to none
           Has aye been the Clan of MacKay

       Not yet are they silenced through peaceful they lie,
           And though far from the green mountain said,
       They meet in the City of famous renown
           On the banks of the dark flowing Clyde,
       Where hearts still undaunted and beating as true
           As when under a northern sky
       They grasped their claymores when the slogan they heard
           And followed the flag of MacKay.

       Unflinching they bore the proud ensign aloft
           When their foemen the penalty paid;
       And the same noble spirit inspires them to-day
           Their poor broken clansmen to aid.
       The aged and weak they have sworn to protect
           By the "Strong Hand" and kind watchful eye.
       For faithful in friendship and valiant in war
           Has aye been the Clan of MacKay.

       Then flock to the standard and join the roll call!
           Once more the banner's unfurled
       The slogan's been sounded, and kinship been claimed
           By clansmen all over the world.
       Exiled or at home, love of country and clan
           Are feelings we'll never let die;
       Defy and defend, stand true to the end,
           And honour the name of MacKay."
                                      - By Elizabeth MacKay
                                            Bridge of Allan 1889
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