Military Medal Recipient -- Lance-Corporal James W. A. MacKie

The Military Medal
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Lance-Corporal James William Alexander MacKie, MM,
Canadian Signals Corps.

His citation reads:

On 11 December 1944 during the assault on the LAMONE RIVER, Signalman (Acting L/Cpl) James William Alexander MACKIE of "J" Section., 1 Canadian Division Signals, was employed as a linesman on [telephone] lines leading from Headquarters, 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade, to the forward battalions.

After the river crossing had been secured signal lines were laid from Brigade Headquarters to the headquarters of the two leading battalions. These lines were vital to the success of the operation as they enabled the Brigade Commander to keep in constant contact with the forward troops. For two days L/Cpl MACKIE maintained these lines under heavy shell and mortar fire. On one occasion, in order to carry out repairs, he was forced to crawl for three quarters of a mile along a ditch half-filled with water bordering a road constantly fired on by enemy snipers. Not for a moment, however, did this signaler think of turning back or stopping, but with grim determination to keep the lines in, made his way forward and effected the necessary repairs in the face of this heavy opposition.

During the entire operation, L/Cpl MACKIE, with complete disregard for his own personal safety, kept communications open with the result that the Brigade Commander was able to keep in touch with his battalions at a period when close control was imperative. By his brave actions and outstanding devotion to duty, this signaler contributed greatly to the success of the operation.

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