Military Medal Recipients -- Clan MacKie, WWI

The Military Medal
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Military Medal

The Military Medal (MM), a circular silver medal suspended on a dark blue ribbon with three white and two crimson stripes centred and alternating, was awarded to non-commissioned officers and other ranks "For Bravery in the Field." It was the third highest gallantry medal in precedence after the VC and Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM). MM citations were not normally published in the London Gazette and thus, most remain in obscurity, unless kept with the original award by the recipient or noted somewhere in an out-of-date regimental history. Between 1916 and 1922, the MM was awarded to 12,321 Canadian soldiers, of whom 44 (two won it twice) were MacKie or MacKay clansfolk.

Rank, Initials, Name, Unit, Date Gazetted


Pte A. Mackie, 5th Battalion (Western Cavalry), (24 Jan 1919)
Pte A.K. Mackie, Can Inf, (09 Dec 1916)
Sgt J.C. Mackie, Can Inf, (02 Nov 1917)
Sgt A. McKee, Can Army Med Corps, (09 July 1917)
Pte W.P. McKee, Can Inf, (19 Nov 1917)
Sgt A. McKie, 46th Battalion (South Saskatchewan), (11 Feb 1919)
PteG. McKie, 1st Battalion (Western Ontario), (11 Feb 1919)
Cpl R. McKie, Can Inf, (11 Oct 1916)
Sgt W. McKie, 1st Battalion (Western Ontario), (20 August 1919)


Sapper J. McKee, 3rd Dispatch Service, CE, (03 July 1919)

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