Angus MacVicar

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Writer, Radio and Television Personality

Salt in My Porridge launched the immensely popular account of the MacVicar family whose head was the redoubtable Church of Scotland clergyman nicknamed `The Padre'. The author of this book, and those that followed, was Angus MacVicar, the widely-known writer, and radio and television personality.

Following Salt in My Porridge, essentially the story of the MacVicar family ... Heather in My Ears reveals a great deal more about Angus MacVicar himself: about his childhood in a Presbyterian manse, his career as a writer, television `personality', golfer, amateur dramatist and countryman. Featured in the book are some hilarious army adventures during World War II, including his `bawling out' of Field Marshal Montgomery on a shell-torn road in Italy. But the Padre and `the family' are still there, a source of happiness and inspiration in the author's life; and though many stories in Heather in My Ears have their settings away from home, he always returns with affection to the people of Southend, Kintyre.

A third book of MacVicar's `confessions' is called Rocks in My Scotch. This time, with devolution for Scotland in the air, he searches for an explanation of his own Scottishness and, in dealing with such varied topics as flying saucers and the tragic Clearances in North Uist, introduces many new and interesting characters, though `the family' remains prominent.

In all three books some critical things are said about modern trends and conditions. But, if they prove anything, it is that MacVicar enjoys life and he finds plenty of pride and fun in being a Scot.

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