Tribute to Mary Sutherland, a Memorial in Stone

Crest of Clansfolk of Clan Sutherland
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Ona Bjornson writes:

This is what I have, in fact if not in fancy, in my notes:

[...a most remarkable monument located in the Garden of Eden Cemetery in Moose River, Pictou County shows how one bereaved husband felt about his wife. The monument is in memory of the thirty-four year old Mary Sutherland Morrison and was carved in sandstone from her wedding picture in intricate detail.

"That beautifully carved figure was created by James King of New Glasgow, an artesian in the profession of stone cutting. The inscription on the stone base reads `in loving memory of Mary Sutherland of Garden of Eden, N.S. and the wife of Roderick Morrison of Peterborough, Ontario. Died July 23, age 34 years."... With a picture of his wife, Mary, taken in her wedding gown, the husband sought out James King, a man known to him as an artist in stone cutting, and commissioned King to create the image of his wife in stone and have it placed in the Garden of Eden Cemetery as a lasting memorial to his lost love." (Sherwood, Roland. "Curiosities of Nova Scotia". Formac. Halifax, 1988, p. 73)

Deborah Trask (Life How Short, Eternity How Long", p.54) is not as glowing in her description as Sherwood, describing the memorial as "very stiff and disportionate, with enormous hands". However, the statue does not seem any stiffer than anything else carved in stone and the somewhat large hands lend an aura of Millet's peasant paintings, almost as if tying her to the Pictou County earth she loved. The stone marking Mary Sutherland's resting place is truly a monument to true love. ]

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