Blarney Castle: The Blarney Stone

Personal Experience: Kissing the Blarney Stone! (June 1978)

Like the long line of visitors before me, I trudged up the old stone stairs on the inside of a wall, up and up and then up some more. The Blarney Castle was gutted and lay in ruins, but the outside walls were still standing firm and strong.

To kiss the blarney stone, one lies on one's back and bends one's head backwards over a huge gap and looks backwards over the ground below. That blarney stone is on the inside of an outside wall.

The huge hole below your head is covered with a (hopefully sturdy) iron grill. A (hopefully strong) guard is on hand to keep you from falling -=- down -=- long long way down -=- head first -=- to (probably) your death.

Climbing the walls of Blarney Castle, June 1978. The blarney stone is at the top of these walls, on the inside of the castle. Though this castle is partially in ruins, the blarney stone remains. [JPEG 34K]

I kissed that Blarney Stone; have certificate on wall beside computer, signed at that place, on that date, to prove I kissed that Stone.

-- Janet MacKay, BRE, B.Sc.

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