Let's Visit Highland Games, Festivals & Other Events in California!

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1997 Scottish Games, Pleasanton, California;
Hosted by the San Francisco Caledonia Club

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The websites below are hosted at:
Highland Net, in California

Queen Mary Scottish Festival [Long Beach]

Sonora Celtic Faire

Culloden Highland Games and Scottish Festival

Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Gathering

Bakersfield Scottish Festival and Games

Willits Celtic Renaissance Faire

United Scottish Society Highland Games & Festival

Modesto Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans

Campbell Highland Games & Celtic Festival

San Diego Scottish Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans

Eastern Sierra Celtic Festival

Dunsmuir House Celtic Faire

Monterey Scottish-Irish Festival & Highland Games

Caledonian Club of San Francisco Games

Fresno Highland Gathering & Games

Nevada County Celtic Festival

Kern County Scottish Gathering and Games 1998 - California

Yuba-Sutter Scottish Highland Games & Scottish

Loch Lomond Games

Oxnard Celtic Lands Faire

Loch Prado Highland Games

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