Haggis Prepared in Scotland

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[haggis] Haggis on platter: Robbie Burns Birthday (Prince George Hotel)
The Scots: North British Society *** Halifax, Nova Scotia; 1996

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1. One sheep's pluck (heart, lungs, liver) and bag.
2. Two teacupful of toasted oatmeal.
3. One teaspoonful of salt.
4. Eight oz. of shredded suet.
5. Two small onions.
6. One-half teaspoonful of black pepper.

1. Scrape and clean bag in cold and then warm water, soak in salt water over night.

2. Wash puck then boil for two hours with windpipe draining over the side of pot. Retain one pint of stock.

3. Cut off windpipe, remove surplus gristle, chop or mince heart and lungs, grate best part of liver (about one-half).

4. Parboil and chop onions, mix suit, salt, pepper and stock to moist.

5. Pack the mixture into the bag - allow for swelling. Boil for three hours, pricking regularly all over.

K. Glen Morrison's special alternative:

As above but place a medium sized rock in the pot and bring to a boil. After three hours, take out the complete sheep's bag c/w contents - throw it in the garbage disposal and eat the rock.

Clan MacIvor observes:

Jesus, about the only thing missing is road kill.

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