Haggis and That Ilk

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[[]] The Haggai are Alive and Well in Nova Scotia [[]]

Mad men and Englishmen come out in the noon-day sun!

McKay's Nova Scotia Haggis
has long graced the tables of banquet halls,
messrooms and discriminating households in Atlantic Canada,
from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to Goose Bay in Labrador; also
across the USA, in England and in its native Scotland; and,
recently, in the Far Eastern cities of Tsukuba and Tokyo.

McKay's haggis has been relished by Lieutenant Governors,
by European nobility, by gentlemen of Japan,
by Ministers of the Diplomatic Corps,
by Generals, officers and men of Her Majesty's Forces,
by distinquished clerics,
by journalists of international renown,
by members of the legal and medical professions, and
by sundry federal and provincial cabinet ministers.

Perhaps of greater consequence is the fact that that
it has found favour with wholly undiplomatic small children.

It's the Real McKay


A Message from Hamish I. I. Haggis, Q.C.
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

To A Haggis
The classic ode to the wee beastie, by Rabbie Burns
[from Electric Scotland, Grangemouth, Scotland]

The famous Scottish Haggis
(courtesy Electric Scotland, Grangemouth, Scotland)

The Haggis Files
(Antigonish Community Net, Antigonish, Nova Scotia)


[[]] Recipes for Haggis Meat [[]]

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