Accolades: London Free Press

In The London Free Press, London, Ontario, on June 14, 1996, David
Dauphinee's Internet Column reviews four sites, including our website
for Scottish Heritage in New Scotland (Nova Scotia). He wrote:

If you're a Scot and you've a hankering for root searching, try Scots in New Scotland. This tip comes from Londoner Ronald MacIvor.

Family-tree searchers learn quickly that information is only as good as the source. Here, the site is maintained by the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland. Most of the information relates to Canada, but there are Scottish site links.

This site is factual and passionate. It provides some history of the arrival of the Scots in Canada -- "The only difference between our ancestors and the Boat People (Vietnam emigrants)," said Dr. Robert McClure in addressing the North British Society in January 1985, "is 200 years" -- as well as history of Scots in Scotland, background on dozens of clans and septs (descendants of a clan chief through the female line) and so on.

Clan information includes the war cry and origins of the names. For example: Clan MacQueen. The Gaelic name for MacQueen is MacShuibhne (son of the good going); in Skye, it is MacSuain (MacSween, MacSwan, Swan); in Norse, Sweyn, Swyne.

The only disappointment is that so much of this site, including specifics about many clans, is incomplete. Still, it is a superb Canadian site and it can only get better.




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Scottish Heritage: Scotland and New Scotland

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