Copyright Concerns: Not to be Ignored!

ANOTHER MAJOR WORD OF CAUTION!. If an individual has submitted an article for the clan newsletter, that does not give the clan permission to submit the same article for publication anywhere else, including our website, without the consent of the same individual to do so.

Copyright issues have reached an whole new intensity and ferocity, with the coming of online internet publications, of which your clan homepage is one. This Scottish Heritage website is a compilation of the clan homepages within it, with the other material clansfolk have provided for the general areas of the site. CCN, for its continuing existence on the web, is required to be strict on matters of copyright. Even the grey misty flats of the "in-between uncertainty" are scary, and a court can easily make a judgment call in favour of the "other guy". Tread wisely, and tread carefully.

Ensuring that proper copyright issues are addressed is the responsibility of the clan or person who submits that information. Conversely, the author of the material submitted for this website retains all copyright to that material, as outlined in our website document on Copyright

There are no extensive quotes to be lifted from books, for which the author has not been deceased for more than 50 years (hence, out of copyright). Short quotes, defined as quotes with the source clearly acknowledged, are acceptable if kept to a minimum. If you submit any information for our website, obtain the permission of the author first.

If we are taken to task over copyright issues involved with material a clan society or individual has submitted, that society or individual will be held accountable for such misdemeanor. It is the responsiblity of the society or individual to resolve all copyright issues before their material is passed along for this website.

Having paid proper attention to copyright and security issues, let's step forward boldly, develop our individual clan homepages, and have good fun doing it.

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