General Information for Inclusion on Main Website

In addition to providing information and/or accepting responsibility of Clan homepages, we invite clansfolk to share in building the information base on the rest of the website. Such information includes, but is not limited to:

[X] Nova Scotia (New Scotland), our heritage, our tartan, etc.
[X] The role of the Scots in the Multicultural Mosaic of Nova Scotia
[X] Section for septs of clans, sorted by clan and alphabetically.
[X] "Seen & Heard" section for info-bits. Anything goes here.
[X] History of Scots in Scotland and in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
[X] Events during International Gathering of the Clans
[X] Gaelic, haggis, Scottish foodstuffs, other Scottish sites.
[X] Highland Clearances, Battle of Culloden, more
[X] Scottish events -=- festivals, games, Pipers Picnic, etc.
[X] And much more

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