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Some basic clan information is already on the home pages. We have gleaned this from several resources available to us, including for each clan: motto, septs, tartan(s), crest badges, plant badges, and more.

We have, due to the generous involvement of Clan Armstrong, Clan Davis, Clan MacPherson and Clan Morrison, a substantial amount of graphics for the entire website, including (coming soon) crests for each of the clans homepages.

We also have a wide selection of clan tartans, which we are currently installing in each of the clan homepage sites. These tartans were generously shared with us by John Andrea of St. FX University (Antigonish, Nova Scotia) and Dick Grune of Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). They literally wove these tartans using the appropriate tartan sett and a computer programme designed for the purpose. Amazing what computers get up to these days, isn't it?

Alasdair McKay, Vice President of the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland, examines various issues between Scotland and New Scotland with insight gleaned from his ancestors in Strathnaver, his childhood and education near Stirling, in Scotland, and his observations of the Scottish Heritage commemorated in Nova Scotia since he came here to accept employment with our provincial government almost three decades ago. Alasdair McKay sees further into the millstones than most Auld or Nova Scotia Scots; the Musings of Alasdair McKay are insightful and thought-provoking.

Within the vast information found in Electric Scotland on ALMAC in Grangemouth, Scotland, are a complimentary presentation of information for more than 450 clans, septs and Scottish families. Each generic clan homepage on our site is linked with its homepage in Electric Scotland; each homepage on Electric Scotland contains a reciproal link back to the specific clan homepage on our site. Thus a strong bond exists, between clans in Scotland and clans in New Scotland, which will grow stronger as Electric Scotland and ourselves continue our proposed expansions for the clan homepages.

We have waiting in queue, several "global clan projects" with which we can add significant material to several clan homepages simultaneously. This is strictly the realm in which we will share information for the pages; the remainder is up to the clansfolk and the clan society.

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