Structure of a Generic Clan Homepage

Do you remember the "pre-fab" (pre-fabricated) houses that were built after the second World War to accommodate the rapidly increased need for affordable housing in a short period of time. Pictou had a wonderful sub-division created from them, its streets named for trees. The houses came in sections; they could be erected quickly and easily; they were not the ultimate dream castle; but they were functional, serviceable and housed their resident families well.

This is how we created the generic homepages on our website, template style, for the clans who would come to develop them with appropriate material, history, poetry, facts, lore, whatever. We did not prepare architectural wonders in these homepages, but rather sturdy structures, practical, functional homes which would enable each clan to personalize its homepage with flair and feeling, verve and panache, and come up with a unique homepage of which they can be justificably proud.

Directories (think, file folders)

within each generic clan homepage

{X} Clansfolk of Clan MacWhoever

{X} Involvement of Clan MacWhoever in the Military, and/or Scottish Battles

{X} Origin of Clan MacWhoever

{X} Symbols of Clan MacWhoever
Crest Badge
Plant Badge
Music - pipe tunes
War Cry
{X} Writings of Clan MacWhoever

{X} Other directories to accommodate other info of Clan MacWhoever

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