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The Maritimes consists of three eastern Canadian provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). Together with part of the Gaspe Peninsula and smaller islands, the Maritimes encompasses the original New Scotland as founded by Sir William Alexander and King James of Scotland in the early 1600s.

Glen Matheson, renown genealogist/seanachaidh for Colchester and Pictou Counties, the Highland Scottish settlements in Nova Scotia, tells us the the Maritimes served as an `orientation' to the New World. Many emigrants' offspring moved on to the rest of the continent. To access their roots in Scotland, their descendants must first research through Nova Scotia. The internet has certainly made Nova Scotia more accessible to researchers.

He notes: "My own experience with the Clan Matheson pages is that I have received as many inquiries regarding the sister Maritime Provinces as I have regarding Nova Scotia. There are more transients than we might think between the three provinces. We must not also forget Prince Edward Island has greater proportion of Highlanders than Nova Scotia."

The FSCNS acronym found in our URL denotes "Friendly Scottish Clans in New Scotland". Any similarity to the acronym of a society or organization operating within or without Nova Scotia is purely coincidental.

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