Flag of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

[Flag] Flag of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

This website features the experiences of the Scottish Clansfolk who emigrated to the original New Scotland (Nova Scotia), founded in the early 1600s, and of their descendants who remained within its boundaries. New Scotland at first encompassed most of what we know today as Atlantic Canada and parts of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec.

The graceful flag of Nova Scotia was the first flag in the overseas Commonwealth to be authorized by Royal Charter.

In Victoria Park (Halifax, Nova Scotia), a cairn succinctly states Sir William Alexander's accomplishments in founding New Scotland (Nova Scotia):

                     Sir William Alexander
                      Statesman, Colonizer

                   His efforts to create a New
                    Scotland in the New World
                   led to the Royal Charter of
                        Nova Scotia, 1621
                   Attempts at settlement 1622-3
                     The creating of the Order
                       of Knight Baronets of
                         Nova Scotia 1624-5
                        The Coat-of-Arms of
                         Nova Scotia, 1626
                       and the occupation of
                            Port Royal
                    by Scottish settlers, 1629-32

In 1621, King James granted Sir William territory between New England and Newfoundland as New Scotland (Nova Scotia).

History of the Scottish Clansfolk in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

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