College Presidents Born in the Maritime Provinces

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It has been said that the leading exports of the Maritime Provinces are university and college principals, along with fish, cod and potatoes. Possibly it is the fish that does it, may be the cold bracing climate and the diet of oatmeal porridge. Whatever the cause, these Provinces by the sea do develop brains, and turn out brainy men.

Here is a list of fifty men born in the Lower Provinces who are or have been at the head of universities at home and abroad. It is by no means accurate or complete, though it is the result of much research and correspondence. I am making a special appeal to the readers of this paper to make additions or corrections and report to me here, that an up-to-date list can be made.

When it is completed, I hope to publish it in pamphlet form, giving some notes and information about the men. I have tried to make a bona fide list, and only the men at the head of institutions who have the power of conferring degrees are given. Some time later, a list of those at the head of other institutions of learning may be made. All the men have well-earned degrees and honourary titles, but they are omitted on account of space. Each Province is given its quota by itself.

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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a brain-producing Province though small in size and population, yet it has given a large number of men to public and professional life. It gave this Republic [USA] Franklin K. Lane, and he was loved and honoured as one of her greatest statesmen. Six presidents are on the list to its credit. Presidents Schurman and Falconer are known and admired in educational circles for their fine scholarship and leadership.

University Presidents Born in Prince Edward Island

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New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a lumber producing province, but it has turned out some fine intellectual timber. It has given us such writers and poets as Charles G. D. Roberts and Bliss Carman, the latter generally called Poet Laureate of Canada. With them we have Andrew Bonar Law, a Premier of the British Empire, and Lord Beaverbank, well-known statesman and journalist in England. Both are sons of pioneer Presbyterian ministers in the early history of the Province. It has a dozen names on the list:

University Presidents Born in New Brunswick

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Nova Scotia

Hon. Mr. Rowell, Ontario, speaking before a Dalhousie University Convocation not long ago, said:- "No other Province of Canada has done as much for its intellectual development, its spiritual uplift, its political ideals as Nova Scotia." Halifax gave it Joseph Howe; Hants gave it Sam Slick; Cumberland gave it Charles Tupper and Simon Newcomb, the latter perhaps the greatest intellectual genius the Province has yet produced. Thirty-two names are listed to its credits. Pictou County alone has given nine presidents to Canadian institutions of learning. James W. Dawson and George M. Grant are at the head of the list. Few men have devoted themselves more unreservedly to the cause of education, and fewer still have met with more signal success.

University Presidents Born in Nova Scotia

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