Scottish Recipes: Pancakes

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Jim Whyte of Inverness, Scotland, writes:

I was discussing Tablet with my wife, Allison, and she wondered if you had the recipes for Scottish Oatcakes and Scotch Pancakes, (all good plain Scottish baking). So in case you have'nt, I have taken the liberty to send you the recipes. (Allison's way of baking them)

Scotch Pancakes


8oz flour, half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, half teaspoon cream of tartar, 2 eggs, 1-4oz granulated sugar (quantity of sugar used really depends on individual taste), half a pint of buttermilk.


Sieve dry ingredients and add sugar, whisk eggs and stir into the dry ingredients with enough milk to make a batter (consistency of thick cream), do this as quickly and lightly as possible, using a large metal spoon (do not beat). Have ready a girdle, hot and lightly greased all over. Put the mixture in spoonfuls on the girdle. (for round pancakes, drop mixture from point of spoon; for oval pancakes, put mixture on the girdle from side of spoon). Keep girdle at a steady heat and when bubbles rise to surface of pancakes and burst, turn cakes over, using knife and cook until golden-brown on the other side (4 - 6 minutes). Put on a cloth, cover with another and cool on a rack (this prevents pancakes from becoming dry). Usually served with butter or whipped cream & jam.

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